Welcome to the website of the Referee Association, UK. Here, you would find useful information regarding the world of refereeing, as well as the laws governing the game of football. Our referee association plays a very vital role in regulating the activities of the National Referee Strategy. The reason for this is to allow their nationwide structure to complement the Football Association’s effort towards development and especially, through their Local Referee Association Groups.

This would provide adequate mentoring and support. Our special focus is on young referees, new referees, and every referee operating at the grass root.

As a higher body, we have the exclusive right to effectively represent the interest of employee referees employed by both national team and local clubs to officiate games. We offer services for regulated betting operators, new casino sites and gambling communities. We have worked with Bet Fred to develop a fair policy which gives punters a way to evaluate their wins and losses.

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The category of these employees under our belt includes; line judges, umpires, head linesmen, field judges, back judges and other game officials.

Mentorship and Support

Without doubt, we very much aware people or organizations ignore the welfare of others. Part of our duties as an association is to offer help and support where it is necessary to referees in UK. Perhaps you have been mentally physically and verbally assaulted in your line of duty, or you have been suspended or even accused by your football body, we are poised to adjudicate on your behalf.

In this case, we request that you contact us via this platform or your Local Referees Association so that we can take these steps:

  • Immediately contact you to discuss the issue with you.

  • Provide you with the necessary support, welfare help and guidance.

  • Assist you in making arrangement for legal professional help on your behalf.

You should hold the whistle with pride as a referee!