This body was established in the 1980s to mentor, advice, assist and support referees who particularly officiate in the grass roots.

We are dedicated to offering members with adequate education about officiating rules, procedures, and the psychological approach in officiating football, in line with FIFA’s standards. By incorporating officials, mentoring them, this referees association will continue to play vital roles in regulating the activities of both national and local referee associations.

This noble association, as a matter of culture, consistently rewards excellence. We vehemently believe that this measure will enable all local referee association affiliated to this referee association irrespective of location or size, to have the opportunity to partake in best practice. This will be in addition to gaining recognition for achieving a high standard of excellence through hard work and dedicated service.

Our referee association constitutes a Management Board which includes eight (8) members elected by the members of the Association, four of these board members come from FA while the other four come from leagues that largely contributes to the development football officiating.

Members of the Board meet four times in the year to deliberate on issues bothering the general welfare of referees as well as the administration of other referee associations in the region.

Also, the daily operational activities of this Referee Association is carried out at the Association’s headquarters and with this, we request that all correspondence to the Board should be properly addressed to the Head Quarters.

Vision Statement

To be a dynamic leader in football administration and an arbiter to referee associations within our covering, offering professional mentoring, support and advice in a bid to ensuring football games are officiated free and fair.