The popular cricket game inspires many people around the world. This game is built for enthusiasts of cricket. Cricket fans can enjoy watching cricket on playfields or play this game online. Besides, various mobile apps offer this thrilling game. Here are essential aspects of cricket and cricket games that people can discover.

What is the Game of Cricket?

If an individual is interested in cricket, it is essential to understand this game. Cricket is a fantastic game played on a large field with a ball and a bat. The objective of players is to score runs. This can only happen when a player is at-bat. One has to dismiss or pull out opposing batsmen on a field.

Official Cricket Rules

When playing cricket games, players must adhere to the official rules. The cricket game involves two teams made of eleven players. But there is always a twelfth player who is a reserve player. The reserve player is used whenever a player in a team gets injured. Something is exciting about the twelfth player. He or she is not allowed to bat, bowl, captain a team, or keep a wicket. The reserve cricket player only acts as a substitute. The other rule of this game is that the original player can return to a cricket game. But this is as soon as one recovers from an injury. In the cricket game, there are two umpires. The role of umpires is to ensure the cricket rules and laws are upheld during a cricket game. They are also responsible for notifying and making decisions that a scorer must know. People can see two umpires on a field of play and the third umpire off the field. So, the third umpire is in charge of making video decisions.

How Batsmen Can Get a Wicket by Following Cricket Rules

While playing a cricket game, a batsman can be given out. However, a wicket is awarded after the cricket rules are upheld. Here are some of the ways a batsman can be given out, such as the following:

  • Bowled
  • Caught
  • Run out
  • Stamped
  • Leg before wicket
  • Hit wicket
  • Timed out

Cricket Games Online

Players around the globe can enjoy cricket games on their mobile devices. With an Android or iPhone, one can play cricket on his or her mobile device. Besides, many individuals love playing this game on their PCs. Thus, people can play this game from anywhere during their free time.

Learning to Play Cricket Games online

Beginners can develop their skills in cricket games if they try simple games. They need to start with cricket games, such as the following:

  • Australia vs. India
  • Pakistan vs. India
  • Kenya vs. Australia

Playing cricket games is not easy. But a player can develop his or her skills by trying their favorite games in their home stadiums. They need to practice these games locally before they enter international tournaments. Players can enjoy cricket games on their mobile devices that feature the following:

  • Realistic umpires
  • World Cup matches
  • Jam-packed stadiums